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PEPP is E-learning portal, The program aims to build skills and acquire tools that enable participants to consciously and deliberately deal with public problems so that appropriate public policies are formulated to address these problems and reach solutions to the stage of adoption by decision-makers.

This third edition of the Urgent National Reform Agenda is issued amid the COIVD-19 crisis; thus, it includes a number of proposed exceptional procedures that, if adopted, can help contain the economic crisis and allow us to look forward to forging a promising economic future.

Nabtit Misr Mobile App

ACS developed Mobile App “نبتة مصر” on Android & IOS this mobile App is used by the community to report missing child, finding unknown child, report child abuse, and schedule a meeting seeking for guidance.

EBI Course Booking for banking Employees App

IOS & Android mobile app has been developed for the Egyptian Banking Institute subsidiary of Central Bank of Egypt. The application is used by banks’ employees & private sector to register in different courses the institute is offering. The application also keeps track of the employee progress in terms of the certificate he achieved as well as the courses he attended.

Election monitoring (observation) Projects.

Build SMS based election monitoring system. Observers should send coded messages through their mobile for any critical violation that takes place during the Election Day. The system parse the messages & extract all the data such as observer location, count of votes, and survey forms data then represent these violations & statistics over google maps & graphics representation.

The Egyptian Institute of Directors EIoD – E-Learning Center

ACS has developed E-Learning system using Moodle open source platform for the Egyptian Institute of Director. This project has been funded by IFC. The corporate directors certificate program CDCP is offered by IFC along with EIOD to provide participants with tools that tackle corporate governance practices & all participant should use the online platform in order to achieve this certificate.

NCCM Website

Re-design the current NCCM website and increase the efficiency of help line by adding new communication methods for Child abusing and missing Childs Reporting system.

CIBM Medical Research website

Introduce a camera-based blood pressure monitoring prototype that is based on color change information and resolution enhancement technique. We aim to measure blood pressure unobtrusively by monitoring face using just a camera in real-time.

Easy Ads Android App view adds according to vehicle location

ACS developed Tamweely mobile app for Android & IOS. Tamweely is a platform that connect projects’ ideas owners with financiers on different sector. The project was developed using native mobile app development. The project was financed & owned by World Bank

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